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7 Steps to Transform your Practice

7 Steps to Transform your Practice

Автор: Massimo Giorgianni and Alessia Manfredini

Язык: Английский

Often when it comes to practice dancers don’t know what to do. They act based only on some memories of emotions felt during lessons or they pursue different targets. All of this results in a loss of time, wears out relationships and transforms what should be a moment of discovery, experimentation and growth into a waste of time.
As teachers, Massimo and Alessia could observe how planning and focusing on practice enabled many couples to achieve their targets in less time and most of all to finish their training sessions with a smile on their faces.
In this manual you will find many practical exercises you will be able to perform alone or with your partner. But before this … In order to better understand and identify yourself immediately with the seven points, or better, the seven habits which from now on are deemed to transform your training sessions, you must understand what a habit is.
Table of Contents:
Chapter 1 – Tone of Voice
Chapter 2 – Planning
Chapter 3 – Focusing
Chapter 4 – Responsibility
Chapter 5 – Video Practicing
Chapter 6 – State of Mind
Chapter 7 – Serious Fun
Chapter 8 – Conclusion

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