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Burn the Floor

Burn the Floor

Категория: Шоу

Подкатегория: Стандарт и Латина

Звуковая дорожка: Eng

Продолжительность: 2 часа

Размер: 1.78 Gb

Move over Riverdance, there's a new dance sensation in town -- Burn the Floor. This exciting video is a Las Vegas-style dance performance filled with fabulous costumes, intricate lighting and stage design, and some of the most lavish dance numbers ever filmed. Busby Berkeley would be proud. From ballroom dance to modern to swing and even a touch of ballet, the dancers glitter, spin, and jump across the huge dance floor. The physicality and skill of the dancers is truly wondrous to watch. Dance enthusiasts shouldn't miss this one.
Filmed at its world premiere, the dance extravaganza that is BURN THE FLOOR stars forty-four of the worlds greatest champion ballroom and Latin dancers, and is the new dance sensation that is taking the world by storm!

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