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Teach for Today or Train for Tomorrow
Teach for Today or Train for Tomorrow

Teach for Today or Train for Tomorrow

Автор: Марта Харпер

Язык: Английский

Martha Harper. Book author; Master in Educational Leadership; Pro-Am partner of Arunas Bizokas; 18 years of experience in programs: American Smooth, American Rhythm, Latin and International Standard.

The international dance communities have a rich pool of expert resources. Franchisors and competition organizers are expanding their markets around the world. I am ready to be part of the information activity by offering a teaching tool for your consideration. This is the drop in the ocean, the effect of which will be displayed on future coaches. The implemented concept is as follows: if a person is taught according to the assigned curriculum, he can stop there. But if you train a person who is willing to share your information with others, using not only the curriculum, but also creative processes, this means that he is a quality dance coach who looks to the distant future. From a business point of view, this program has an impact on the profitability of the studios by: a) retention of students due to the high level of teaching; b) increasing the competitiveness of existing potential students; c) stabilizing the long-term employee base and reducing recruitment and training costs. This program is designed to work with qualified and experienced professional dancers who wish to improve their teaching skills in order to pass on their professional and creative experience to other dancers.

Arunas Bizokas. Master in Education, Lithuanian Sports University; Professional Standard World Champion; Member of the American Association "Terpsichore" (United States Terpsichore Association Member) in the categories: International Standard, American Ballroom, International Latin, Theater Arts.

The basis of dancing is communication, especially if information is effectively transferred from one person to another. When a student comes to my class, communication is the first step in the plan even before the class starts. You must know and understand the other person in order to get the most out of your training. We respect your technical education and experience in dance. At the heart of this program is empowering you as a professional to hone your teaching methods and then pass them on to other developing generations. This will ultimately enhance perception and improve the performance of your students. Combined with your natural talent, technical skills, and current learning resources, I believe this program will be a huge benefit and a time saver for you and the teachers and students you interact with in the future.

Denis Parfyonov. Diploma of a dancesport coach at the National University of Physical Culture and Sports of Ukraine (NUFVSU); Diploma of the choreographer of ballroom choreography at the Kiev National University of Culture and Arts (KNUKiI); Ukrainian Professional Champion in the standard program and standard sequeue.

Live a century, learn a century - the well-known proverb says. Even as an experienced professional, the coach must remain open to learning and revisiting his time-honored techniques. I am sure that some of the principles of the program that we offer you, many coaches use the number logically, and have come to them in a natural way. Personally, at the beginning of my coaching career, I really lacked publications of this type. The techniques for transferring information from one person to another, described in this book, greatly optimize the trial and error method that we use in our coaching activities. By analyzing in detail the techniques outlined in this book, you can save valuable time in lectures with your students. And don't be afraid to use the space for notes in the book, it's part of your learning.

Interview with book author Martha Harper and her coach and partner Arunas Bizokas for Amberibis web site.

You can purchase the print and electronic edition in English at www.archwaypublishing.com